My Education & Awards
  Platinum Award Winner
Hall of Fame recipient
Lifetime Achievement Award

An award winning REALTOR® for 25 years. I have also gathered the following Certifications in Real Estate;

Market Value Appraiser:
Cost Estimation, Title Searching

Real Property Law, Principles of Finance, Principal of Appraisal, Real Estate office management, Property Management, Professional Real Estate Brokerage

Continuing Education:
MPAC Property Assessment
Harmonized Sales Tax
Basics of selling a small business
RECO real estate update
Money Laundering
Insurance Concerns for buyers
Architectural Styles
FINTRAC information
Condominums: What every Good Salesperson Should know
Title Insurance
Professional Standards
Pricing to sell
Seller Property Information Statement: Donít leave the office without it
About your house
A Landlordís Rights and Obligations in Ontario
Power of sale
Wills and Estate Planning
Legal concerns of residential rental properties
Privacy Act: Realtorís Perspective
Environmental Site Assessment
Mould Ė The secret destroyer
Leasing #1, #2, #3
How to list an apartment building
Condominiums Ė What you need to know?
Staging class and information
and the list goes on....
Client Reviews
Feng Shui
Education & Awards
Market Eval
'No Worries'

Jocelyne Lauzon

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